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         The enriched curriculum provided children with an engaging and hands-on learning experience that tailored according to their developmental needs and interests....”

                          Samantha England, Educator in New York

         As a teacher myself, I was thrilled to see my child so enthusiastic about each different educational activity. As soon as she got back home, she lined up trays on the floor, telling me she needed to do more "work," and quickly fashioned her own strategies!...”

                     Paige Killian, Parent & Educator in California

         This program offered the ability for my child to choose a work, focus on it, and complete it successful before moving on to a new activity which greatly helped accelerate her skills in the educational setting...”

                          Leslie Davies, Parent in California

         Natural; Just right; It makes sense; These are some of the words that come to my mind when I am trying to explain the Murad Modified Montessori Program...”

              Alex Aiello, Educator in Florida

         My students have responded so positively to your science curriculum because you have carefully crafted each lesson to their individual learning styles.  Thank you for sharing your creative methods with the world....”

       Joanne Lo, Educator in United Kingdom

         The Murad Montessori program has been nothing but exciting and hands-on for our children. The students faces light up when they see the new activities and themes waiting for them in the classroom. If you are looking for an educational program that involves great content, hands-on activities, and the use of creativity and critical thinking skills, this is the program for you.

                                        Allyce Perret-Gentil, RN & Educator in Florida

​This Programs offers:

  • Differentiated Teaching
  • Hands-on-Learning approach
  • Introduces the Scientific Method
  • Follows the child's interest
  • Sparks excitement in the Natural World
  • Developmentally Appropriate Material
  • Activity Driven




         Sarah Murad has created a rich and interactive curriculum that has allowed our students to view and understand the world through a concrete, hands-on experience. Not only have our students learned so much through this innovative approach, but teachers as well! Our school continues to implement the modified Montessori curriculum Sarah has created for us....”

                          Nadia Wedding, Educator in New York

        This program is based on teaching more than 1,000 children over the last ten years in both public and private settings. This program has been implemented and tested in various classrooms for an extended amount of time and will not only satisfy your educational needs, but exceed them. ....”

                     Sarah Murad, Founder